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Wild Winds Festival.

30 Jun

I had a wonderful week developing my play Flight of the Dum Dums at Texas Tech University in glamorous Lubbock, Texas as part of the third annual Wild Winds Festival.

Throughout the week I did rewrites, talked to students, and rehearsed the play with student actors. It’s always such a luxury to get out of New York City and the play is in a really solid place now.


Special thanks to Michael Legg of Actors’ Theatre of Louisville and Kamarie Chapman of Western Washington University who acted as my director and dramaturg, respectively.


Quick and Dirties.

30 Apr

I’m so happy to announce that m new play, Okay, bye. is going to be part of The Claque’s Quick and Dirties. This is an incredible development opportunity- two weeks of rehearsals and two staged readings. I’m thrilled to be working with Liz Carlson of Naked Angels fame as director and I’ll see you all this Spring.