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‘Curmudgeons’ on Vimeo.

6 Oct

I’m over the moon that Vimeo has chosen my film Curmudgeons to launch their Vimeo Premieres programming. If you’ve missed it at your local film festival, you can watch it on Vimeo for free. Watch it now. 

I’m eternally grateful to Danny, Jake, and Lucy DeVito for making this movie with me.



Praise for “Curmudgeons”

26 Apr

“Curmudgeons may very well be Danny DeVito’s best film.” I’m gutted that TriBeCa has closed and I have to go back to my normal life now.


Check out this glowing review.

“Curmudgeons” on AOL.

19 Apr

I sat down with a flock of Devitos to discuss my film Curmudgeons at TriBeCa Film Festival. Check it out.

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