“Curmudgeons” Wraps.

22 Oct

Excited to announce that my short film Curmudgeons, starring David Margulies, Danny Devito, Lucy Devito, Sarah Nina Hayon and Kett Turton wraps tomorrow. It’s been an incredible experience working with these amazing artists and I can’t wait to share the results with the world.


This started as a short play in Ensemble Studio Theatre’s annual Marathon. If you would have told me a few years ago it would end up here, I would have said you were insane.

We’re editing quickly in the hopes to submit to Tribeca Film Fest and others. More to come on this!

me and danny

Wild Winds Festival.

30 Jun

I had a wonderful week developing my play Flight of the Dum Dums at Texas Tech University in glamorous Lubbock, Texas as part of the third annual Wild Winds Festival.

Throughout the week I did rewrites, talked to students, and rehearsed the play with student actors. It’s always such a luxury to get out of New York City and the play is in a really solid place now.


Special thanks to Michael Legg of Actors’ Theatre of Louisville and Kamarie Chapman of Western Washington University who acted as my director and dramaturg, respectively.


“The Dum Dums” is a Hit!

31 Mar

The fully-produced workshop of my new play, The Dum Dums has Baltimore critics raving! Big thank you to Glass Mind Theatre and my director Benjamin Kamine.

dum dums

The Baltimore Post Examiner

Conkel wastes no time in throwing the crew into what seems like a hopeless situation, and this cast firmly grabs the helm with both hands for an engaging, well paced ride.

City Paper

Conkel has not just turned his struggle into art, but infused it with a brave humor, the kind of life-sucks-but-we’re-all-in-it-together solidarity that instantly connects performers and audience.

DC Metro Arts

…Glass Mind Theatre’s unpretentious, fast-paced, delightful romp through classic sci-fi and isolation, Joshua Conkel’s The Dum Dums proves to be everything experimental drama should, delivering a little under an hour of tongue-in-cheek reflections on the nature of loss, emptiness, flawed relationships, and personal failure.

The Bad Oracle

 You can feel a-okay about flying away with Glass Mind for The Dum Dums.  The show is a refreshingly weird, interestingly performed, and adroitly written fantasyscape you’ll die for.  Maybe literally.  It’s space.  Who knows?

Broadway World

I rather wanted to call Glass Mind Theatre’s THE DUM DUMS a weird little piece of experimental theatre, but it is, in fact, a plot-driven story, with regular people characters and a beginning middle and end, so not all that ‘experimental’ after all. It FEELS experimental, but in a good way.

And perhaps most importantly, a review from an honest-to-goodness scientist!

Jenn Does Science

It’s a really fun show, but what struck me was the intense portrayal of the experience of being a woman in science. The play takes themes like toxic female competition, impostor’s syndrome, and depression and weaves it into a hilarious and touching show.

“The Dum Dums” in Baltimore.

13 Mar

My new play, The Dum Dums, opens tonight in Baltimore in its official first “fully staged workshop.” Big thanks to the folks at Glass Mind Theatre for commissioning me.


Three female astronauts take off to explore a super-Earth when a programming error threatens their mission. Maybe it’s the reality TV or the White Castle cheeseburgers – but when the hallucinations start – we have to ask who, or what, is out there? –

See more at: http://www.glassmindtheatre.com/season/the-dum-dums/#sthash.2ysmX5yN.dpuf

“Sprawl” Keeps Sprawling.

3 Feb

sprawl 3

I’m so proud and please to announce that my play Sprawl, produced by Washington Ensmeble Theatre, received a “recommends” by The Stranger and has extended. See this crazy play while you can, Seattle.


Sprawl in Seattle.

23 Dec

The fine folks at Washington Ensemble Theatre in Seattle are mounting the world premiere of Sprawl, the insane gender bending sci-fi horror comedy I wrote with Soho Rep a couple of years ago. You can find more information and ticketing info on their website.

Also, not for nothing, I have my first bus ad in Seattle right now.


MilkMilkLemonade in London.

8 Oct

The London premiere of MilkMilkLemonade opens tonight! Get your tickets, Brits.