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Wild Winds Festival.

30 Jun

I had a wonderful week developing my play Flight of the Dum Dums at Texas Tech University in glamorous Lubbock, Texas as part of the third annual Wild Winds Festival.

Throughout the week I did rewrites, talked to students, and rehearsed the play with student actors. It’s always such a luxury to get out of New York City and the play is in a really solid place now.


Special thanks to Michael Legg of Actors’ Theatre of Louisville and Kamarie Chapman of Western Washington University who acted as my director and dramaturg, respectively.


“The Dum Dums” in Baltimore.

13 Mar

My new play, The Dum Dums, opens tonight in Baltimore in its official first “fully staged workshop.” Big thanks to the folks at Glass Mind Theatre for commissioning me.


Three female astronauts take off to explore a super-Earth when a programming error threatens their mission. Maybe it’s the reality TV or the White Castle cheeseburgers – but when the hallucinations start – we have to ask who, or what, is out there? –

See more at:

“Sprawl” Keeps Sprawling.

3 Feb

sprawl 3

I’m so proud and please to announce that my play Sprawl, produced by Washington Ensmeble Theatre, received a “recommends” by The Stranger and has extended. See this crazy play while you can, Seattle.


Sprawl in Seattle.

23 Dec

The fine folks at Washington Ensemble Theatre in Seattle are mounting the world premiere of Sprawl, the insane gender bending sci-fi horror comedy I wrote with Soho Rep a couple of years ago. You can find more information and ticketing info on their website.

Also, not for nothing, I have my first bus ad in Seattle right now.


MilkMilkLemonade in London.

8 Oct

The London premiere of MilkMilkLemonade opens tonight! Get your tickets, Brits.

MilkMilkLemonade in Israel.

24 Sep

There’s been a production of MilkMilkLemonade running at the Haifa National Theater in Israel and they were kind enough to send me a glowing review from The Jerusalem Post. 


“Okay, bye.” in The Chicago Sun-Times.

25 Jul

We’re getting close to opening Okay, bye. here at Steppenwolf and the Chicago Sun-Times was kind enough to check in with us


Show dates and tickets can be found here.