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Okay, bye.

23 Feb

I’m back in New York after eight beautiful months in New Zealand and I have a new play to show for it. Okay, bye. is a different for me in several ways. First, it’s my attempt at writing a thoughtful, naturalistic play. (Of course, it didn’t come out that way.) Second, it’s the first play I’ve ever written that could be described as a drama. 

Okay, bye. is about two women who meet again in a small town A.A. meeting during America’s longest snowstorm in history, just after the U.S. Supreme Court has declared a right to suicide. With CVS selling suicide kits on its’ shelves, a planned suicide is the perfect excuse for these two 30-somethings to catch up.  Okay, bye. is a play about disappointments and what we can or cannot live with. 

The wonderful folks at The Lark Playwrights Development Center have given me a round table reading on March 6th. It will be directed by the fabulous Morgan Gould and read by two long term collaborators and friends, Megan Hill and Darcy Fowler.