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Conkel in the Hamptons.

20 Jul


I’m thrilled that Ensemble Studio Theatre has chosen me to attend the Stony Brook Southampton Writers’ Conference this weekend to work on Sprawl, the enormously weird and weirdly enormous sci-fi play I wrote for the Soho Rep Writer/Director Lab. 

The last time I was in the Hamptons a giant wave attempted to take me under and I was nearly concussed from its banging my head on the ocean floor. If I don’t come back, remember me fondly. 

Reviews for The Sluts of Sutton Drive at The Finborough Theatre.

6 Jul

Image“Quite fun, very camp… Joshua Conkel’s black comedy is like a working-class version of Desperate Housewives meets Thelma & Louise.”

-Lyn Gardner, The Guardian 

“Writer Joshua Conkel’s sharp as a tack dialogue cuts through the audience like a highly pleasurably yet painful knife. It is quick fire, deeply shocking, highly addictive, right on the edge theatre that makes you squirm in your seat and yet want to keep watching right till the end. More Joshua Conkel, please!”

-Skye Crawford, The Fringe Review

“The script is bold, brash and very funny. It’s a darkly comic exploration of a broken woman, and the extreme places our mind can take us when left unchecked. But foremost, it’s crass, gory and surprising – everything you could want in a fringe theatre production.”

-Tim Macavoy, So So Gay

“Featuring a rapist, two grotesque murders, a dance to Kate Bush, hell unleashing itself and some fantastically laugh-out-loud and jaw dropping dialogue, The Sluts of Sutton Drive is a hoot and a half. Conkel’s deliciously dark and comic play, with direction from Rebecca Atkinson-Lord, is every bit the crude, hilarious and shocking play to rustle up an evening’s worth of pure entertainment bliss.”

-Jake Orr, A Younger Theatre

“Entertaining, engaging, and at times downright hysterical, The Sluts of Sutton Drive pushes the audience off the top of a slippery slope alongside its protagonist, Stephanie Schwartz, making them a part of her rapid descent into an absurd world of sex, stalkers and self-harm. Darkly comic and sublimely surreal at its best, this new play is well worth an evening of your time.”

-Deborah Klayman, The Public Reviews

“Whilst it wouldn’t be fair to reveal the surprises that unfold – and there are some corkers – it is safe to say that there is much black comedy amongst the horrors that await. But the most compelling dimension is the palpable loneliness, need, and compassion between the characters, and the different types of love that radiate within each relationship.”

-Amy Stow, What’s On Stage

London, I Love You.

1 Jul

I’ve jut returned from London for the premiere of The Sluts of Sutton Drive, which has a great production at the Finborough Theatre directed by Rebecca Lord-Atkison and produced by Vicky Graham Productions. I’ll have reviews to post, but in the meantime check out this cool interview I did with The Most Cake, a rad lesbian blog in London.